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Janus Films has recently released this trailer for an upcoming 4K re-release of two martial arts action movie classics: Police Story and Police Story 2both directed by and starring Jackie Chan.

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These were made in the late s at the height of Chan's career as a star, stunt coordinator, and filmmaker working out of Hong Kong. Highly regarded as some of Chan's best work, in terms of action and stunts at least, these will look better than ever on the big screen, restored in crystal clear, ultra high definition 4K.

This trailer is for both films, as Janus is playing them as a double feature at theaters in the US starting next February. As always, there's no better time than now to experience these action classics even if you've already seen them both. A virtuous Hong Kong Police Officer must clear his good name when the drug lords he is after frames him for the murder of a dirty cop.

Police Story 2 was directed by Jackie Chanand first released in Chan had directed a few other films before making Police Storybut these were made at the pinnacle of his career. Who's going to see these on the big screen? Find more posts: To WatchTrailer. Discover more around the web:. Alex's Top 10 - 1.

Parasite 2. Last Black Man SF 3. The Lighthouse 4. Marriage Story 5. The Specials 6. Blinded by Light 7. Long Shot 8.

Review: A ‘Police Story’ restoration puts Jackie Chan back on the big screen where he belongs

Uncut Gems 9. For Sama Adam's Top 10 - 1. Once Upon a Time 3. Avengers: Endgame 4.

police story janus

The Farewell 5. Knives Out 6. Rise of Skywalker 7. Peanut Butter Falcon 8.

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Winter Meeting Peggy Markham.Jackie Chan. Malik Dupree for Observer. Now, he was already a martial arts master, a veteran performer and stunt worker, and a proven successful lead in the Hong Kong movie industry. In a jaw-dropping sequence, Chan uses the umbrella crook to hook himself onto the back of the bus, for a few moments being dragged behind it sliding on the soles of his shoes before climbing up to take control.

It is genuinely harrowing in its danger and hilarious in its knowing ridiculousness — in equal measure. Naturally, imitators of this form of breathtaking stunt work timed for comedic effect have followed. And that influence is now getting some well deserved recognition. Janus Films will be showcasing the restorations in new screenings across the country, beginning with the Alamo Drafthouse in Brooklyn on February 1. Previously cult hits, this re-release gives a wide audience a chance to discover or rediscover the brilliance of these two films, and by extension Jackie Chan.

Before Police StoryChan had already established his skills in roles like his breakout hit Drunken Masterincorporating vaudeville-like slapstick into martial arts action.

In further hits such as Dragon Lord and Project A both of which he also directed and co-wrotehe and his collaborators refined this style, taking inspiration from the similarly daring and comedic feats of silent film stars like Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin.

On Project Athey formed the Jackie Chan Stunt Team specifically to figure out the logistics of these kind of elaborate action sequences. Police Story represents the culmination of this artistic progression, with multiple jaw-dropping set pieces. Each one comes packed with fights that are choreographed around increasingly complicated surroundings, with fists and feet and bodies flying at a dizzying rate.

Chan and his fellow performers crash through countless windows and fall the collective height of a skyscraper. It all looks insanely dangerous… because it absolutely was. Behind-the-scenes footage of bloopers and prep work that plays over the credits includes shots of actors woozily getting medical attention.

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In the finale, capping off a massive fight that destroys a shopping mall, Chan slides several stories down a pole strung with lights, electricity arcing around him as he crashes through multiple panes of glass into a shop stall.

He burned his hands, dislocated his pelvis, and injured his back getting that shot.

‘Police Story,’ When Jackie Chan Swung Into Action

No wonder he called this film his best work. Chan made Police Story after several failed attempts to break into Hollywood.

police story janus

The film came as part of a string of hits that propelled him to fame across Southeast Asia, with many of them including Police Story ranking in the top 10 annual box office not just in Hong Kong but also in countries like Taiwan, Japan and South Korea.We're watching " Tiger King " on Netflix for sure.

Our recommendations also include " Night on Earth ", " Ozark ," and more. See our picks.

police story janus

Sign In. Conrad Janis Actor Director Producer. Down 3, this week. He has been married to Maria Grimm since November 30, He was previously married to Ronda Copland and Vicki Quarles. Filmography by Job Trailers and Videos. What's Streaming Now on Netflix? Share this page:. Living Legends.

L.A. Weekly Movie Picks: Jackie Chan in Police Story and Its Sequel

Birthdays: February Do you have a demo reel? Add it to your IMDbPage. How Much Have You Seen? How much of Conrad Janis's work have you seen? Known For. Airport Arnie. Bad Blood Lawrence. Sonny Boy Doc Bender. Judge Clarence Franklin. Heat TV Series Prof. Fred McCarren. Lester Beeber.It is a sequel to the hit film, Police Storycontinuing the storyline of Chan's character, "Kevin" Chan Ka-kui. Inspector Chan Ka-kui has been demoted to highway patrol as the result of his handling of his previous case, which involved the violent arrest of crime lord Chu Tao and heavy property damage.

The new duty pleases his girlfriend, May, who is glad that her boyfriend is no longer taking difficult cases and has more time to see her. It seems Chu Tao is terminally ill with only three months left to live, so he has been released from prison, and while he is still alive he vows to make life difficult for Ka-Kui. John Ko and some henchmen show up at Ka-Kui's apartment and intimidate him, baiting the policeman to attack. Later, May and her aunt are beaten by John Ko and his men.

Ka-Kui can no longer hold back, and he lashes out against John Ko and his men at a restaurant. He plans to take a trip to Bali with May, but while he is at a travel agency in a shopping mallsome police officers see him and report that the mall is under a bomb threat. Unable to resist the urge to get involved in police work, Ka-Kui tells the officers to sound the fire alarm and have the mall cleared, and agrees to take responsibility for the decision.

A bomb does indeed explode, and the entire mall is leveled by the blast. Ka-Kui is praised for his efforts, and he is reinstated and assigned to solve the case of the bombing.

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Ka-Kui plants a covert listening device in the mall property company's office to try to learn more about the bombers.

This leads to a suspect who is a deaf-mute and is a fierce martial artist and explosives expert. The bombing gang, aware that the police are on to them, plan a simultaneous bombing of the property company and the police headquarters. However, after picking up the money, Ka-Kui tells the gang that they are being followed and split up.

Ka-kui, still holding the ransom, is able to drive his car into a tunnel so that the bomb he is wearing cannot be activated and he strips it off. He then goes to rescue May, who is being held in a warehouse full of fireworks. Ka-Kui again faces the deaf-mute man, who throws small firebombs at him. Ka-Kui then gains the upper hand and brutally retaliates against the mute man, finally throwing him off a third story catwalk onto a pile of plastic drums below.

Ka-Kui then rescues May and departs the warehouse, just as it explodes in a huge ball of fire. The Hong Kong version is minutes long, while the Japanese release is minutes long.

Golden Harvest's export version of the film, released in the UK and European territories, runs 95 minutes. Peter Robinson. The Criterion Collection announced that they will be releasing both Police Story and its sequel on Blu-ray on April 30, Unlike Shout! Factory's Blu-ray release, Criterion's release will have 4K Restoration on both of the films, as well as the Hong Kong-release version of Police Story 2.

How Jackie Chan’s Hair-Raising ‘Police Story’ Stunts Changed the Movie Industry

It also includes bonus features on Jackie Chan himself, such as new programs on his screen persona and action-filmmaking techniques, a stunt reel, and archival interviews with him and stuntman Benny Lai, as well as a TV program about Peking-opera training that was akin to the education Chan received as a child. They concluded that this film "remains among Chan's best". Factory double-bill, Calum Marsh of Slant Magazine rated it 3.

InTime Out polled several film critics, directors, actors and stunt actors to list their top action films. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about film. For Kannada film, see Police Story 2 film. Raymond Chow Leonard Ho.

China portal Hong Kong portal Film portal s portal. The Film Stage. Retrieved 6 January The Asian action star Jackie Chan has been often compared to Buster Keaton no one takes a fall better and sometimes to Douglas Fairbanks whose acrobatic grace he equals in vaulting over a wall. A child who, starting at age 7, attended an academy for Chinese opera and martial arts in his native Hong Kong, Chan was an international star well before he came to the attention of most American moviegoers.

The scene in which Chan, who did all of his own stunts, employs the handle of an umbrella to hang on to a moving bus is easier to describe than the gyrations he uses to confound six bad guys armed with clubs or ride a large shopping mall chandelier down to the ground. His directorial stunts are epitomized by a choreographed sequence that destroys an entire hillside shantytown. Production values are higher and the havoc quotient is lower, despite several elaborate explosions.

The tiresome toilet humor is partly compensated for by some impressively orchestrated gags — involving chain reactions worthy of Rube Goldberg — and a fireworks display that brings down the abandoned factory where the final battle is staged. The best part of a Chan production can be the humorous montage of outtakes that accompany the closing credits.

Home Page World U.The following excerpts from a documentary codirected by and starring Jackie Chan offer a master class in stunt coordination and action choreography, as well as the actor-director's personal recollections from the making of POLICE STORY.

Minimal restoration was performed; the roughness, missing frames, and scratches reflect the condition of the film element. This undated short montage of bloopers and behind-the-scenes footage highlights the many risks of life and limb taken by actor-director Jacking Chan throughout his career. Classics and discoveries from around the world, thematically programmed with special features, on a streaming service brought to you by the Criterion Collection.

Subscribe Share Share with your friends. Alphabetical Release date. Police Story. Police Story 2. Jackie Chan: My Stunts.

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Edgar Wright: Interview. Edgar Wright: The Talkhouse Podcast. Becoming Jackie. The King Vs. Kings II. Hong Kong-Release Version. Son of the Incredibly Strange Film Show. Reinventing Action. Stunt Reel. Stunt Reel Episode 17 This undated short montage of bloopers and behind-the-scenes footage highlights the many risks of life and limb taken by actor-director Jacking Chan throughout his career.